FAQ’s Dudes

How Much : £5 for the 45 min session between 9-10, 10-11

How Many sessions : 2 sessions 9-10 , 10-11

How do i book ? : Email, SUBJECT Ripperz this with payment confirms your place.

How do i pay?: Due to covid19 we will have to take payment from pre paid booking, we will email you that after you booked.

What shall little Jonny wear ?: Covid19 has stopped us letting you borrow suits unfortunately. we do sell wetsuits but DONT have any at the moment. HOWEVER sports direct do and sell them as cheap as us.

Does betty need to swim ? No

What do you do ? We are weather dependant, so are reactive to the conditions. hwoever we do cover SUP, Surf, Boody board, and sea education with tons of games.

Are you insured? YES with AIM insurance.

Do you drink coffee after youve looked after my son daughter? YES white with none.

What if to many kids turn up ? We have groups of 6 and qualified instructors to have 24 per session. and socially distanced.

What if my husband forgot to book ? We do have a contactless system but we need the booking info first.

What do they do ? EVERYTHING and laugh alot for 45 mins. Surf, Bodyboard, Sup, float

How old ? 5 upwards to teenager. 13 plus we are just not in the cool bracket, 30 plus LOVE it.

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